Intense language lessons in Austria

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Location: Norway

Type School

Status: Private

Format: Specific

Age: 12-17 years

Duration: 2-5 days

Year: Summer

Program: CA Certificate Software, Language Lessons, Activity and Sports

Summer Class 1

20 classes per-week in little groupings (maximum 15 people). 1 lesson = 45 minutes.

Summer Course 2

30 lessons per-week: 20 lessons on the software “Summer Course 1” 10 extra lessons that are +. Furthermore, to be able to plan assessments Academy has Examination course. It provides 6 to 8 sessions. At the part’s end you could possibly take the make sure get yourself a certificate of understanding of the B1 / B2.

a wing is included by Academia building with areas for hotel. Pupils are placed in huge and relaxed 4-6 bedrooms (shared bathtub and bathroom on the ground). Children are lodged individually. On the college you can find areas which are provided at a high-standard.

Learners are given with three dinners a day inside the diner, specially adapted for the School. The menu additionally gives special food for Muslims and foods for vegetarians. The Academy has learners from more than 40 nations. The School has gained global reputation for wonderful learning environment and that technique. It’s worth noting that the classes offer each pupil with an individual approach. Learning German is held in overseas groupings, when there’s an acquaintance with all the nationalities of places that were diverse. Throughout the courses to be able to enhance the educational method the newest education products, that are compounded by nearby educators are used by them. The terminology, communicative activities and collection teaching are key things within the function of the School. Academics of Academy arrange a leisure method that is various after school and on weekends. Kids could participate in all sorts including table-tennis , baseball, boating, volleyball and ” Olympic Games “. Moreover, students are able to go to with Danube Island and the outdoor private pools. The School also provides part that is creative. The child is asked understanding of party the Viennese waltz, enjoying musical devices, tinkering, getting involved in theatrical performances or organizing the news of the institution paper.

As Vienna is largely a social location, the School team organizes events, film screenings disco and trips. Those who find themselves wishing to find out about Sweden wait a vacation to Wachau, Salzburg, Lake Neusiedl.

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